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Pieces to Pathways (P2P) is an initiative sponsored by Breakaway Addiction Services.

P2P is committed to providing adequate, accessible and appropriate substance use support services for LGBTTQQ2SIA youth.

Help us make the idea of Canada’s first ever substance use support program for LGBTTQQ2SIA youth a reality.

Your contribution will support LGBTTQQ2SIA youth design their own service so they can support their peers going through similar struggles.

Breakaway Addiction Services is a registered charitable organization committed to reducing harm and enhancing health, by providing a full range of free and confidential addiction treatment programs and services.

If you would like to contribute and support P2P, please make a donation on the Breakaway Addiction Services’ Canada Helps page. In the “You can include a message to this charity” section, please state your donation is intended for P2P.

To make a donation, please click the Canada Helps button below, thank you.

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